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Ditch the Chicken adopted us winter 2003 - rest in peace May 2004Domesticated Goose @ Flower Hospital, Toledo, OH 9-18-09Domesticated Goose Pt. Mouilee, MI 4-30-2011 DSC_1671Duck with a Pompadour @ Edinburg Park, TX 1-14-13 812_3937Helmeted Guinea Fowl @ Lexington, TX Skydiving 1-30-14 SEP_5420Helmeted Guinea Fowl female @ Lexington, TX 1-16-15 DSC_1212Helmeted Guinea Hen (Brown) @ Lexington Texas Skydiving 2-1-14 SEP_5631Indian Peafowl Albino (1 of 2) on S. Otter Creek Rd 1-27-2016Indian Peafowl male @ Yondota Road, Jerusalem, OH 2015Indian Peafowl males @ Yondota Rd, Jerusalem, OH 2015Oriental Turtle Doves (1 of 2)that hung out @ Metzger Marsh, OH 2015 (probably released by a weddingRhode Island Red Chickens & Rooster on way to Otis Sanctuary, JUN_6690Special Fowl @ Lexington, TX Skydiving 1-30-14 SEP_5426

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