Welcome to my nature photography website! I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs and you will come back often to see what's new! Karen

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Karen's Best Nature Photographs

Guestbook for Birdladypotts
Rita & Kathy(non-registered)
Hi ! We have enjoyed viewing your many beautiful nature photos , thanks for sharing Girlfriend!
Sarah Schultz(non-registered)
What beautiful photographs. I bet they were fun to capture.Thank you so much for sharing your site with me.
Michelle Rhodes(non-registered)
Your pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed the site very much! Ty for the hard work collecting nature's great moments!
THOMAS YOUNG(non-registered)
Great meeting you and sharing a blind with you in Wisconsin viewing the Greater Prairie Chickens Karen.
Judie Farley(non-registered)
Just read your story in the Michigan Polio Perspectives magazine. Mine is similar. I grew up in the Kalamazoo area and have lived in Missouri for about 35 years. Jumped on here to check out your photos.
The guestbook is empty.