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Black-billed Magpie @ Overland Trail, WY 9-5-2010Black-billed Magpie @ Teton Village WY 9-7-10Blue Jay our yard 12-24-07Blue Jays @ Double Lake State Rec Area, TX 1-28-14 SEP_4953Florida Scrub Jay endangered @ Canaveral Nat Seashore, FL 1-23-2015Florida Scrub Jay Endangered new bird #4 @ Cape Canaveral, FL 1-23-15 DSC_3775Florida Scrub Jay habitat @ Canaveral Nat Seashore, FL 1-23-2015Florida Scrub Jay with round object @ Canaveral Nat Seashore, FL 1-23-2015Gray Jay @ Brook's Lake, WY 9-7-10Green Jay @ Sabal Palm Sanctuary, TX 2013Green Jays @ Laguna Atascosa NWR, TX 1-24-13 812_7463Mexican Jay (gray chested subspp) @ Chiricahua Nat Monument, AZ 2-2015Mexican Jay @ Chisos Mtns, Big Bend NP, TX 2-12-14 SEP_9184Pinyon Jay Male 9-8-10 Mammoth Springs Yellowstone ParkStellars Jay @ Snake River rest area, Grand Tetons WY 9-7-10Western Scrub Jay Female @ Teton Village, WY 9-7-10Western Scrub Jay with 4 LEGBANDS @ Portal, AZ 2-16-15 JUN_9634

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