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Black Tern Tuttle Marsh, MI 6-26-09Bonaparte's Gull (Fall) @ Pt Mouilee, MI 10-15-09 CSC_0804Bonaparte's Gull Adult & first winter (Spring) @ Metzger Marsh, OH 4-10-2011 DSC_9870Bonapartes Gull Erie State Game area 5-3-11 DSC_2460Caspian Tern & Bonaparte's Gull (Juv) Pt. Mouilee, MI 4-15-11 DSC_0222Caspian Tern (black legs) @ Metzger Marsh, OH 5-15-10 CSC_1912Caspian Tern @ Ottawa NWR auto tour 2014Caspian Tern divng into the water @ Metzger Marsh, OH 5-15-10 DSC_1774Caspian Tern Pt Mouilee 4-15-11 DSC_0221Caspian Tern Pt. Mouilee Drive-thru 8-20-11 DSC_6302Common Tern @ Magee Marsh, OH 7-17-10 CSC_6642Common Terns @ Metzger Marsh, OH 5-2015Forster's Tern (Summer plumage) @ Pt. Mouilee, MI 4-15-2011 DSC_0224Forster's Tern @ Lake Somerville, TX 1-31-14 IMG_1671Forsters Tern (group of 5) @ Halfway Creek, MI 10-17-10 DSC_1981Forsters Tern (Winter plumage) @ Halfway Creek, MI 10-17-10Great Black-backed Gull Erie Rd, MI 12-9-11 DSC_3693Great Black-backed Gull Erie Rd, MI 12-9-11 DSC_4269Great Black-backed Gull First Winter @ Lotus Rd MI 2-13-10Herring Gull 2nd winter @ ONWR 8-15-10 DSC_1290

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