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American Tree Sparrow @ Lake Erie MP, MI 12-31-09 CSC_1328American Tree Sparrow @ Pt. Mouilee, MI 1-7-11 KAR_5234Black-chinned Sparrow #6 @ Chisos Mtns, TX 2-17-14 SEP_0971Black-throated Sparrow @ Langtry, TX 2-4-14 SEP_6134Brewer's Sparrow #4 @ Davis Mtn State Park, TX 2-24-14 SEP_2280Brewer's Sparrow Adult winter @ Davis Mnt State Park, TX 2-24-14 SEP_2336Cassin's Sparrow @ L Atascosa NWR, TX 1-24-13 2Cassin's Sparrow @ L Atascosa, TX 1-24-13Chipping Sparrow Oak Openings, OH 6-17-2011 with Rita DSC_9056Chipping Sparrow our yard 4-12-08Field Sparrow back  Magee Marsh, OH 4-25-09Field Sparrow front Magee Marsh, OH 4-25-09Fox Sparrow Magee Marsh, OH 4-16-2009Fox Sparrow Magee Marsh, OH 4-16-2009 2Harris' Sparrow at a friend's feeder in Flat Rock, MI 1-9-2016 BIG_2906House Sparrow Magee Marsh, OH 3-7-09 CSC_4884Lark Sparrow Oak Openings 6-17-2011 DSC_9334Lark Sparrow Oak Openings, OH 6-17-2011 DSC_9333Lark Sparrow Oak Openings, OH 6-17-2011 DSC_9335Lark Sparrow Oak Openings, OH with bling on leg 6-17-2011 DSC_9329

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