Birdladypotts | 2 - birds we've rescued & dis-"abled" animals
Created 4-Jan-16
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Chimney Swift #21 injured & I took to Ann Arbor rescue 8-26-14 IMG_0304Eastern Screech Owl "Pottsie" that I rescued  on Rt 2 OH took to Back to the Wild,Castalia 10-27-11Horses David rescued in our front yard middle of the night 9-25-2012 DSC01637Our one-legged House Finch @ Erie, MI 3-16-2012 ARI_8102Pottsie the one-legged White Ibis (PER PAM LOL) @ Boynton Beach, FL 11-21-13 SEP_2269Red-tailed Hawk David rescued 11-20-15 BIG_2373Red-tailed Hawk David rescued 11-20-15 BIG_2375Rescued Ruby-throated hummingbird @ our garage  9-3-2007Snapping Turtle Juvenile David rescued @ Erie, MI 7-6-13 MAR_4904Snapping Turtle Juvenile David rescued @ Erie, MI 7-06-13 MAR_4905

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