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Del Carmen White-tailed Deer @ Big Bend NP, TX 2014 SEP_0454Elk Female and juvenile feeding @ Yellowstone NP, WY 9-5-2010Elk Male at Mammoth Springs, WY 9-5-2010Exotic (Africa) deer on a Tarpley ranch, TX 2-28-14 SEP_3341Mother Deer with twin fawns 7-18-09 off Rt. 2 OhioMule Deer Buck outside Big Bend NP, TX 2-6-14 SEP_6682Texas White-tailed Deer Female @ Laguna Atascosa NWR, TX 1-24-13 812_7484White-tailed Deer - Button Buck @ Mammoth Cave, KY 2009White-tailed Deer 3 Bucks @ Lake Somerville SP, TX 1-30-14 SEP_5490White-tailed Deer 4-point @ ONWR drive 6-16-12 BIG_7548White-tailed Deer Buck 9 points @ Ottawa NWR, OH 11-8-09 CSC_1233White-tailed Deer buck @ Padre Island, TX 2-8-13 TEX_3530White-tailed Deer buck sticking tongue out! @ Oak Openings 6-17-2011 with Rita DSC_8787White-tailed Deer Fawn @ Porcupine Mountains, MI 7-2008White-tailed Deer fawn being cute @ Pt. Mouillee, MI 7-17-12 CSC_0370White-tailed Deer fawns @ Pt. Mouillee, MI 7-17-2012

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