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Bank Swallow holes at Quarry by Toledo Airport with Fern 7-8-2011 DSC_1655Bank Swallows Oak Openings, OH 7-8-11 DSC_1739Barn Swallow @ Robert Long Park, Milford, MI 5-3-10 CSC_1036Barn Swallow Bird Observ Ohio 8-15-08Barn Swallow Ohio 8-15-08Barn Swallow Pt. Mouilee, MI 8-19-2011 DSC_5090Barn Swallows Juvenile @ Magee Marsh Bird Observ, OH 8-15-08Barn Swallows on the ground @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-2015Cliff Swallows and nest under bridge @ Lacarp Creek by Camp Perry, OH 5-2015Northern Rough-winged Swallow @ Lotus Rd, Erie, MI 4-29-10 CSC_1660Northern Rough-winged Swallow @ Rita's canal Gibralter, MI 6-2015 BIG_6809Purple Martin @ our yard 6-17-10 DSC_4214Purple Martins Male Female our backyard 6-10-08Tree Swallows @ Erie, MI 2014 SEP_4799Tree Swallows Male (L) Female (R) @ our yard 5-20-10 CSC_2117Tree Swallows mating ONWR OH 5-29-2011 DSC_6376

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