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Cedar Waxwing @ Metzger Marsh, OH 8-15-2015Cedar Waxwing @ Navarre Marsh, OH 5-22-10 DSC_2165Cedar Waxwing Juvinile @ ONWR, OH 8-15-09 CSC_0273Cedar Waxwing rear view @ Navarre Marsh, OH 5-22-10 DSC_2166Cedar Waxwing Seney NWR UP MI 7-14-08Cedar Waxwing Stange Rd, OH 5-14-11 DSC_5616Cedar Waxwings @ Lake Somerville, TX 1-31-14 SEP_5575Scarlet Tanager F Tammy Tanager - hung around Navarre banding station a week 5-8-2011 DSC01146Scarlet Tanager M&F Oak Openings with Fern 7-8-11 DSC_1701Scarlet Tanager Male @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-3-2012 BIG_1597Scarlet Tanager male @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-2015Scarlet Tanager Male Magee Marsh, OH 4-25-09Scarlet Tanager Male Oak Openings, OH 7-22-11 with Rita&Fern (led us to find BARRED OWL) DSC_3117Summer Tanager #58 @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-2-2012 BIG_1259Summer Tanager Juv Male #58 @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-3-2012 BIG_1260Summer Tanager male Fall Plumage @ Back to the Wild Rehab 10-28-11 CSC_0385

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