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__ @ Erie, MI not wild 10-24-2013 IMG_0622__ mammal @ Erie, MI 10-24-2013 IMG_06233 Horses @ Indian Mounds Rec Area, TX 1-2014 IMG_15965 Javelinas stopping by after dark (scary!) @ RGV, Big Bend NP, TX 2-7-14 SEP_7489Antelope @ WY 9-3-2010Armadillo close-up @ Ratcliff Lake, LA 1-2015Beaver @ Magee Boardwalk 10-4-2008 CSC_4358Beaver @ Ottawa NWR, OH 4-21-14 IMG_0046Beaver fight at the Ottawa Auto Tour, OH 5-4-14 SEP_6817Big bull @ Padre Island horse farm, TX 2-7-13 TEX_2609Bighorn Sheep on the way to Alpine, TX 2014 IMG_1769Black Bear and 2 wolves at dark @ Yellowstone National park, WY 9-9-2010Bottle-nosed Dolphin Mother & Baby @ Merritt Island NWR, FL 1-23-15 DSC_4095Buffalo @ Yellowstone Park, WY 2010Buffalo alone on our way out of Yellowstone NP, WY 2010Buffalo in Yellowstone NP, WY 9-2010Burros and Karen @ Texas Skydiving, Lexington, TX 2015Coyote (skinny!) @ Yellowstone NP, WY 9-6-2010Coyote @ Petersburg, MI 7-12-10 DSC_5431Coyote at Quarry by Toledo Airport with Fern 7-8-11 DSC_1710

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