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Bald Eagle Immature C9 tag 8-23-09 Fall Band #1Bald Eagle Immature C9 tag 8-23-2009 Navarre, OH CSC_0853Bald Eagle Immature Metzger Marsh 3-21-2009Bald Eagle off Rt. 2 Ohio 2-18-2011 KAR_6694Bald Eagle off Rt. 2 Ohio 2-18-2011 KAR_6695Bald Eagle on Nest Davis Bessie Nuclear Plant, OH 4-25-09 2Bald Eagle @ Magee Marsh, OH 3-19-10 CSC_1704Bald Eagle Immature @ Krause Rd, OH 5-3-14Bald Eagle hovering (and getting) Canada Goose chick @ Metzger Marsh, OH 5-3-14Two Immature Bald Eagles playing on Krause Rd, OH 5-3-14Bald Eagles on their nest @ Magee Marsh, OH 5-3-14Bald Eagle Juvenile on Strasburg Rd with prey 3-8-15 DSC_2534Bald Eagle with a BIG fish (dropped it) @ Ottawa NWR, 5-2015Bald Eagles circling @ BSBO in OH 5-12-2015Bald Eagle juvenile with a BIG fish @ Cedar Point Refuge bus trip, OH 5-2015

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